Tour 2018

Day 1
From: Kitchener
To: Fonthill
Distance (km): 134.54
Time pedalled: 7:40:49
Average speed (km/h): 17.5
Elapsed time: 8:36:02
Elevation (m): 513
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Day 2
From: Fonthill
To: Simcoe
Distance (km): 90.58
Time pedalled: 5:40:37
Average speed (km/h): 16.0
Elapsed time: 6:54:05
Elevation (m): 327
Comments: Stayed at Almost Home B&B.
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Day 3
From: Simcoe
To: Port Burwell Provincial Park
Distance (km): 72:21
Time pedalled: 4:19:50
Average speed (km/h): 16.7
Elapsed time: 4:42:36
Elevation (m): 242
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Day 4
From: Port Burwell Provincial Park
To: Wallacetown
Distance (km): 71.82
Time pedalled: 4:42:14
Average speed (km/h): 15.3
Elapsed time: 5:13:29
Elevation (m): 268
Comments: Got caught in a storm. I took refuge in Tall Tales Cafe in Wallacetown. Two kind strangers gave me a ride to Rondeau Provincial Park.
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Day 5
From: Rondeau Provincial Park
To: Windsor
Distance (km): 119.99
Time pedalled: 6:59:32
Average speed (km/h): 17.2
Elapsed time: 8:26:19
Elevation (m): 130
Comments: Followed the take-me-to.. function on my Wahoo Elemnt. It took me on a lot of gravel roads. It was direct…but the gravel really slowed me down.
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Day 6
Scheduled day off.

Day 7
From: Windsor
To: CM Wilson Conservation Area (Chatham)
Distance (km): 94.51
Time pedalled: 4:45:21
Average speed (km/h): 19.9
Elapsed time: 5:36:22
Elevation (m): 145
Comments: The first tail wind. The roads were (mostly) smooth and fairly isolated.
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Day 8
From: CM Wilson Conservation Area (Chatham)
To: Pinery Provincial Park
Distance (km): 127.55
Time pedalled: 7:05:08
Average speed (km/h): 18.0
Elapsed time: 8:16:25
Elevation (m): 433
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Day 9
From: Pinery Provincial Park
To: Green Acres Campground & RV Park (Kincardine)
Distance (km): 111.11
Time pedalled: 5:44:51
Average speed (km/h): 19.3
Elapsed time: 7:15:57
Elevation (m): 246
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Day 10
From: Green Acres Campground & RV Park (Kincardine)
To: Cape Crocker Park
Distance (km): 118.04
Time pedalled: 7:16:46
Average speed (km/h): 16.2
Elapsed time: 9:07:04
Elevation (m): 526
Comments: Followed the take-me-to… function on my Wahoo Element…it took me on some really nasty trails more suited for a mountain bike. Walked the bike a couple of kms.
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Day 11
From: Cape Crocker Park
To: Happy Hearts Park (Tobermory)
Distance (km): 73.96
Time pedalled: 4:31:55
Average speed (km/h): 16.3
Elapsed time: 5:17:05
Elevation (m): 454
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Day 12
Scheduled day off.

Day 13
From: Happy Hearts Park (Tobermory)
To: Cedar Rail Family Campground (Chesley)
Distance (km): 124.22
Time pedalled: 7:03:39
Average speed (km/h): 17.6
Elapsed time: 8:05:47
Elevation (m): 366
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Day 14
From: Cedar Rail Family Campground (Chesley)
To: Kitchener
Distance (km): 134.88
Time pedalled: 9:05:09
Average speed (km/h): 14.8
Elapsed time: 11:29:31
Elevation (m): 422
Comments: Lots of hill. Lots of rain.
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Total Distance: 1272.94km
Total Time Pedalling: 74h 55m 51s