Some fun facts…

Here’s what happened over the course of 4177km:

  1. Number of flat tires: 0
  2. Number of tires replaced: 1
  3. Number of chains: 2
  4. Number of broken chains: 0
  5. Number of nights indoors: 16 (8 in motels)
  6. Number of times I was asked if I was retired: too many.
  7. Number of people who saw my bike and asked me if I was selling stuff: 1
  8. Number of people who offered me money because they thought I was a vagrant: 1
  9. Number of times motorists yelled at me: 2
  10. Number of close calls: 1
  11. Relatedly: number of skunks that almost got me killed: 1
  12. Ratio of electrical tape to bar tape: greater than 1.
  13. Number of tornados/tornado warnings on the prairies: 0/0
  14. Number of tornados/tornado warnings in northwestern Ontario: 1/3 (it might have just been a plough wind though.)
  15. Number of times the OPP went looking for me: 1
  16. Percentage of Bell payphones I tried but didn’t work: 100%
  17. Number of litres of water I started with each day: 6
  18. Number of days I ran out of water: 1…because I shared.
  19. Number of times I saw a bobcat: 0
  20. Number of times a bobcat saw me: no idea. (Coco had a bobcat walk through his campsite one evening while he was wild camping. So what’s the guy do? He pulls out his phone and video records it. I guess if you’re going to be eaten by a bobcat, you might as well let others know what got you! Coco is fine, by the way.)
  21. Number of times I was chased by dogs: 1…miserable creatures.
  22. Number of times I used my bear spray: 0
  23. Number of times I had to pedal downhill because of headwinds: too many!
  24. The top speed I hit climbing a hill (in northern Ontario) because of a ridiculous tailwind: I topped out at 24kph near the top. And it was a respectable roller, too. (When I stopped to switch out water bottles, I had to brace myself against the wind…it was pushing me around.)
  25. Number of nights I heard trains: 30 nights (every night from Saskatoon, SK to Spanish, ON. I hadn’t really thought about it before…the major train routes follow the major highways.)
  26. Number of times I got a lift: 4
  27. Weight lost: lots!
  28. Number of times I cursed climbing up steep mountains and hills: uncountably infinite.
  29. Number of times I was ready to give up: let’s just leave this blank.


I have no regrets ending my trip where I did. On my original plan, I was only going to get to Halifax (you know, time and budget). But now I can plan a proper tour of the maritimes when I complete my cross Canada journey. I’m not sure when that will be…but  I’m excited about it!


Aug-09-2019 14-20-55

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