August 2: Imaginary friend

I crossed Lake Huron on the MS Chi-Cheemaun yesterday and camped in the same campground that I camped in last August on my first bike tour. It’s kinda surreal…and I’m trying to wrap my head around the fact that my tour is coming to an end. I’ve been on the road for over 8 weeks…and sitting in the saddle for hours on end, day in and day out, has been my life. It’s been a hard but good life.

As I was cycling down the 6 today I came upon two fellow cycling tourists stopped at the side of the road. One of them was changing an inner tube. I pulled up and asked if everything was okay. The one changing the tire was grumbling about yet another flat tire. I asked how many flat tires they’ve had…they’ve had 12 flat tires! All I said was “huh”. To which the other guy asked how many I’ve had. I replied that I’ve had no flat tires. They were incredulous and asked how that was even possible. I replied that they were evidently clearing the road for me. At least one of us had a good laugh at that.

Then the guy working on the tire looked up and asked, “Wait…are you the guy that’s been camping with Coco every night?” I replied that I was. He then said that they’ve been hearing about me for weeks, and since they had never seen me, they were beginning to wonder if this Greg guy was Coco’s imaginary friend.

Which is rather funny, because Coco has been talking about these two guys from Quebec that he keeps running into. I was always confused…who are these two mystery cyclists, and how have I never seen them…since obviously we are all on the same road!

Anyways, mystery solved. We’re all real people!

We’re all real people!
Notice I’m strategically tied down in front of the fire hose

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