July 27: So much wow

Yesterday I forgave northern Ontario. Today it was a complete and utter jerk and responded with thick fog coming off of Superior. I pulled up camp and cycled about 4km and then decided it was too unsafe to be on the roads. Visibility was pretty much zero. I pulled into a gas station to wait it out. And I’m still here….5 hours later.

I’ve been trying to catch a lift to White River…but it turns out to be more difficult than I thought. I guess no one wants to give a lift to an old guy that looks like a vagrant. Seriously. I’m just sitting here and some guy walks up and asks me if I need money.

So much wow.

One thought on “July 27: So much wow”

  1. You’ve reached the Venn intersection between “philosopher” and “vagrant.” The fact that your bike in the photo above looks like a shopping cart at first glance probably doesn’t help.


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