July 15: Slowed by storms

Bingo word: Northern Ontario

It has been two days of intense and scary storms. And I’m exhausted. So here are just some pictures.

Met up with Coco again in Prawda, MB

Zoom in and you’ll see Jupiter!
Hiding from rain in Prawda

At first I thought this is all the welcome I was going to get!
A proper welcome!
I’m still on fire!

Just baby deer in a front yard in Kenora
These clouds had me pedalling hard
Rushing River
Old man Andres

One thought on “July 15: Slowed by storms”

  1. Mom ran into you at Reddens, you gave her your card….I rode from Kenora and down the Bruce Peninsula, 15 years ago, remember it like yesterday, the North Shore of Superior is the best, like a roller coaster ride, Prime Canadian Shield, make sure your brakes are good… Your goals are on point bro…… remember life is a picture all you have to do is paint it… Best of luck on your trip, for the weather makes the difference….


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