July 12: Glorious rest

Bingo word: Whining

Yesterday was a terrible day. The interesting thing, though, is that if you asked me what was terrible about it, I wouldn’t be able to name one thing. So when things are going well, but I think everything is terrible, it is a sign I need a day off. So a day off I took.

Most of the cyclists I’ve met like going on adventures on their days off. Not me! I have me a good sit. I have me a good nap (or naps). And I eat a lot of food. And right now I’m feeling like a million bucks. So I’m back on the road again tomorrow.

I’m going to change my route through northern Ontario. I was going to take the #17 from Kenora to Thunder Bay, but a cyclist I met back in Revelstoke just messaged me and said the #11 is the better choice. It is flatter and straighter by his account. He is from northern Ontario, so this is his neck of the woods.

Also! Coco texted me today. He’s in Winnipeg. We’re going to meet up tomorrow and make our way eastward. He said will take the #11 as well!

It’s amazing what a day of rest can do for the mental game.

The heavens were lit yesterday evening!

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