July 9: Taking it easy

Bingo word: Cat

As I was packing up camp this morning, this critter came through my site on the prowl for food.

I did not get very far today. When I checked yesterday evening, the forecast for today was predicting strong headwinds and wild storms. The weather today did not disappoint.

I needed to make some progress today, so I did a short ride from Minnedosa to Neepawa. It was a downhill ride the whole way. But with a gusty headwind in excess of 35kph, all I could manage was an average of 15kph. And that was with hard pedalling.

Supposedly the local campground does not have water service, so I booked into one of them roadside motels. (The toilet works and there are locks on the doors, so I’m good!) I’m not sure I would like being in a campground today anyways. The thunderstorms have been intense. You know that sound when the thunder starts with a low rumble and then makes a loud crack that reverberates across the sky? Ya…it was doing that today. Luckily I watched the storms pass from the safety of my motel room.

Tomorrow looks promising weather wise.

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