July 5

Bingo word: Co-op gas station

I’m in the saddle 6, 7…sometimes 8 hours a day. When I tell people this, they respond in one of two ways. They ask me if I get bored, or they say, “that’s a lot of time to think!”

I don’t get bored, and to be honest, there isn’t a lot of daydreaming or abstract thinking going on. All of my cognitive energy goes into monitoring my body, scanning the road ahead of me, and listening for traffic coming up behind me. Even off the bike I’m consumed with weather reports, looking at road maps, and making sure I’m eating enough of the right kinds of food.

I kinda like this way of being. It is a welcome change from a typical semester of teaching. Don’t get me wrong…I absolutely love my job teaching philosophy. It’s just that I’m really enjoying my time cycling day in and day out.

Here are my top three animal pleasures I’ve come to embrace on this trip:

  1. Eating a handful of jellybeans while on the bike.
  2. Getting out of my cycling kit at the end of a long day and showering!
  3. Putting on clean cycling kit. And I’m not just talking about the clothes I quickly washed in the shower and hung out to dry overnight. I’m talking about kit that has been properly laundered in like a washing machine and dryer! With soap.

Scroll in on the photo…this train was long!

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