July 4: Flat and straight with tailwinds!

Bingo word: Iconic local landmark

Cycling on the Yellowhead has been amazing. The shoulders are so wide, and though there are rough spots, the pavement is really nice overall. And the the tailwinds! So much happiness! Unfortunately the tailwinds will end this weekend as they start blowing from the south. I guess it can’t all be sunshine and lollipops.

Today I was in need of a sugary drink. I was lured off the highway at Sheho, SK with the promise of a general store. I pulled into the village, only to find that the store was closed and the building for sale. Luckily the bar was open.

As I was enjoying my Pepsi I noticed a huge statue of a prairie chicken down the street. And I wondered why that was so. There was a plaque…so I off I went to investigate. When I was younger I used to roll my eyes at my dad when he would stop to read plaques. I have changed my views as I have aged.

This particular plaque gave a brief story of the village. The village’s football team won the provincial championships in the early 1900s. Did not know that was even a thing. But more interestingly, the word ‘sheho’ is the Cree word for prairie chicken. Now there’s a nice little bit of local knowledge!

Leaf cutter bees on a field of alfalfa

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