June 25 memory lane

Bingo word: Beekeeping

Today was a wonderful day off the bike. I spent my day in Eatonia with my former beekeeping boss. I worked as a beekeeper for many years in my 20s.

There were so many memories today. Like the time I got the forklift stuck trying to save beehives from the flood waters of the South Saskatchewan River. That got real exciting real fast. Or the countless nights moving beehives for pollination. Or the rattlesnakes that loved living under the beehives in the spring…only to be discovered when we were working with the bees. There’s nothing like picking up a beehive only to discover a rattlesnake looking up at you rattling its tail: do I drop the hive and get stung a bazillion times…or do I get bit by a rattler? Not a fun choice.

Tomorrow I start heading to Saskatoon. Should be there in 2 days. Then it’s a visit with my mom!

The machine I got stuck in the river!
A much younger me…circa ‘94

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