June 21: Cold, rain, and flooding

Bingo word: Hitched a ride

The last couple of days have been ridiculously cold and rainy. I was so cold cycling yesterday: it was 2 degrees and raining for most of the ride. It was a day of descending, so cycling was easy, but the only way I could stay warm was to keep my legs moving…which meant I was pedalling downhill…which meant I was going pretty quick…which meant more of a headwind…which meant me being more cold. Ugh.

Luckily a colleague of mine arranged for me to stay at their relative’s place for the night. I made it to Exshaw soaking wet and chilled to the bone. It was so nice to get indoors and out of the rain. Rose and Shane have been incredible hosts. So incredibly kind and generous.

It rained a lot over night. A lot! And this morning news out of Cochrane was that streets and roads were flooding. That’s where I was heading today. So Shane graciously offered me a ride to Airdrie. Biblical amounts of rain. Localized flooding. And forecasts of thunderstorms. I gratefully accepted the offer. This was my ride!

1950 Harvester international

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