Cyclists I have met

Vincent. I met Vincent in a campground in Mission on my first evening. He’s a student from Montreal. We rode together the next day and camped together in Hope. From there he went north through Merritt, and I went east through Princeton and Keremeous. We met up again in Revelstoke and climbed Rogers Pass together.

French Couple. I met them in Hope. I didn’t catch their names, but they are visiting from France and are cycling to Montreal.

Coco. Coco is from France and has been studying in Montreal. I met him after my dreadful third day on the road. He was my campsite neighbour. We made it to Manning Park the next day and camped together. We parted ways, but then joined up at Kelowna a few days later. We cycled from Kelowna to Vernon and parted ways again. He wanted to climb a 1300 meter summit. I did not. But we ran into each other again in Golden a few days later. We cycled to the Kicking Horse Pass and camped together. Alas we have parted ways again. Hopefully we’ll run into each other in northern Ontario.

Marc-Nicholas. I met Marc-Nicholas by chance on a street in Revelstoke. We had lunch together. We had actually been in contact with each other on social media prior to the start of our respective journeys.

Pascal. Pascal is also a student from Montreal. He caught up to Vincent and I as we were grinding our way up Roger’s pass. The three of us did some stealth camping near the summit.

Two women cyclists from Kitchener-Waterloo. I met them climbing the Kicking Horse Pass. Well…I was pushing my bike…they were grinding their way up the mountain. One did get off their bike and walk with me in solidarity for a few hundred meters. We had a good chat. That was nice. They are cycling from Vancouver to Calgary.

Some dude. I think he was older than me. He passed me as I was pushing my bike up the Kicking Horse Pass. He pulled up beside me and asked me one question as he was gasping for breath: “How old are you?” He seemed quite pleased when I said 46. He then continued on his way.

Two Brits. I met them in a cafe in Lake Louise. They are cycling from Calgary to Vancouver.

Coco and I on our way to Vernon

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