June 19: My last mountain pass

Bingo word: Bear!

Hi there! I haven’t been posting these past few days. I’ve either been cycling, eating, or sleeping. Not much time for other things.

There has been a lot of climbing these past few days. So much climbing. And there has been a lot of descending. Very inefficient. I think travel in B.C. would be much more efficient if they took a page from Saskatchewan’s playbook and made the roads flat! And straight. It wouldn’t take that much dynamite, I figure.

Anyways, I’m in Lake Louise. I’m done with the mountain passes. In two days or so I’ll be on the prairies. So looking forward to that. Well,here’s to hoping the mosquitoes won’t be too bad.

Here are some highlights from the last few days:

  1. I met up with Vincent again in Revelstoke, and we cycled together up Roger’s Pass together.
  2. We ran into another cyclist on our way up. Pascal is a student from Montreal who is also touring Canada this summer.
  3. The three of us did some stealth camping near the summit of Roger’s Pass. There were no open campgrounds, and none of us had the legs to do another 65 km after 6 hours of climbing. (The next nearest campground was 65km away.) So we were kinda in a bind.
  4. I ran into Coco again in Golden. We camped together just before the climb up Kicking Horse Pass.
  5. I saw a bear today! I was pushing my bike slowly up the Kicking Horse Pass, and there was a bear in the ditch just chomping away on berry bushes. I did take a picture real quick. You gotta look close. It is there!
Me, Vincent (left), and Pascal (right)
Stealth Camping in a National Park Campground
I missed the Roger’s Pass sign! Here is proof I did it.

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