June 15 Day off!!!!

Bingo word: Iron will; legs of jello

Today was my first day off. It wasn’t scheduled, but I could feel my body was really needing it. My legs are so tired. I pulled into Revelstoke yesterday late afternoon. I am being hosted by Greg and Åsa and family. Greg is a brother to my former colleague and friend, Tim.

This trip is about a lot of things. One of the things it is about is meeting new and amazing people. Greg and Åsa and family are definitely amazing people. Kind, generous, and incredibly warm. Greg and family used to live and work in Kerrobert, Saskatchewan…which is just south of where I grew up and north of where I worked as a beekeeper. It’s a small world if you’re just willing to share a meal together and tell stories.

I pedalled to downtown Revelstoke just after noon today. Vincent (from June 5/6) had texted me earlier and told me that he was in Revelstoke as well. As we were coordinating a place to meet, another cycling tourist rolled past me. I went to introduce myself…turns out we had made contact on social media a few weeks before our respective journeys began. So the three of us had lunch together.

The next couple of days are going to be tough. First I have to get over Roger’s Pass…and then over the Kicking Horse Pass. They will be long days of hard cycling.

Above: the best market in Revelstoke!

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