June 13 Two words: rail trail!!!

Bingo word: It’s a dry heat

I did a thing today! Just under 120km with around 600 meters of climbing. In some pretty nasty heat too! As a local pointed out, though, it is a dry heat!

The last 15 km was utterly demoralizing. Google maps said ‘mostly flat’….but…uh…if I’m in my 36 in the back…it’s not flat!!!!! One crushing roller after another. To be fair, it is flat relative to the mountainous parts of B.C.

I cycled from Kelowna today. I cycled with Coco for the first four hours. I met Coco last week. He’s from France and has been studying in Montreal. A local had told Coco about a rail trail from Kelowna to Vernon. It was absolutely brilliant. Flat for 60km!!!! Too bad google or Komoot aren’t aware of it.

We had a long lunch at a nice little cafe just before Vernon. At which point Coco took off on highway 6. He fancied doing a huge climb to a 1300 meter summit. I’m not sure if our paths will cross again. I hope so. It made me sad to part ways.

Tomorrow is Revelstoke. I think I will take a day off for recovery before attempting Roger’s Pass.

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