June 11.2

People have been asking me how I prepared for this trip. I couldn’t have pulled this trip off without the tireless help of my partner, Judith. She has been insightful, patient, and gracious.

A lot went into preparing for this trip. Countless trips to MEC. Repeated trips to the bike shop. A spreadsheet needed to be built to track itinerary and budget. Safety planning was a big one. Like, when should authorities be alerted? If I don’t check in at an expected time, is that because I’ve fallen down a ditch? Or is it because I couldn’t make it over the pass and had to camp on a mountain without cell coverage? We’ve had difficult conversations about wills, living wills, power of attorney and other serious issues. These are hard topics to work through together. But we did it.

But preparing can be fun too! Bike rides together and short overnight trips to local conservation areas to test equipment are just two examples that come quick to mind.

If you’re planning a touring trip and have someone in your life that will be with you every step of the way, count yourself lucky. I do.

Also: what I described above doesn’t even scratch the surface!

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