June 10

Sunday, June 9 was a brutal day. I climbed over two summits. The second one crushed my spirits. But once the terrifying descent off that second summit was done (a couple of km at a 8% grade) I coasted into Princeton and filled my belly and then found a campground. Finding campsites as a cyclist is really easy so far. I don’t get a site per se…but I do always get a patch of grass somewhere.

Today (June 10) was going to be my first scheduled day off. But I decided to push on to Keremeous.

Local: Which way you headed?

Me: Keremeous.

Local: You won’t want to take the highway.

Me: Oh?

Local: Nah. Take the old Hedley road. It’s up in the mountains. Lots of ups and downs. And the scenic views are breathtaking. *pauses* Though you’re not on a mountain bike, so it might be a little more difficult. *pauses again* Nah…don’t take the highway. It just follows the river downhill.

Me: *takes the highway *

I’m glad I did. The ride was absolutely glorious. It was pretty much all downhill. There were a few short climbs…but I handled them with ease. I can tell I’m getting my cycling legs.

My goal tomorrow is Penticton. I’m 48km behind my planned schedule.

2 thoughts on “June 10”

  1. Gregory, I met you at UBC heading into breakfast. I finally got a chance to check out your blog. You are making great progress. Well done! I am going to share your info with a couple of friends of mine, one of whom did a 5 month bike trip through South America … by herself! Jennifer

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