June 8 Allison Pass

Vincent and I parted ways in Hope. He took the #5 north. I took the #3 east. From what I understand, his is the more difficult route. I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around that. We’re going to try and meet up again in Revelstoke.

I did around 50km today. Pretty much all climbing. BC does this tricksy thing with its curves in the road. You’ll be climbing along. Slowly. Your legs will be cursing you. And your heart will be screaming. You will look up and see the road curve ahead. And it will look like the curve is going downward. And you say, yes! I am about to be rewarded with a descent. And then you enter the curve…only to see that the climb becomes steeper.

Anyways. I crossed Allison Pass today. Or so I’m told. I totally missed the summit sign! I was pushing my bike at that point and had my head down. I was able to ride most of today…it was just that last bit that crushed me.

I reached Manning Provincial Park. I’m sharing a site with another cyclist. He’s from France.

Tomorrow involves a nasty 800 meter climb. I am pretty confident in my bike-pushing abilities by now. A 800m vertical push is nothing!

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