June 7. Listen to your body!

Bingo word: Snow in June

Today’s forecast called for snow up in the pass I was going to climb. I don’t know if it actually snowed there today. I didn’t get that far. Let’s just say that today was a day of dynamic planning.

My goal was to hit Manning Provincial park…about 70-ish kilometres from Hope. No big deal.

I left my campground before 9 this morning. I stopped at an ATM and then Tim Hortons. I left knowing that it would be a hard day. I knew nothing.

The climbing started immediately after the Tim Hortons. I did well for the first 70 minutes. I was actually quite proud of myself. I’ve never climbed that long before. But then the real climbing began. Ugh. I was able to stay in the saddle for the first bit…like 500 meters…but then my legs noped out of that. So. I pushed my bike up the mountain. For 2 hours I pushed.

The further up I got the colder it got. I was sweating from doing all that work. But I was freezing from a really awful mountain wind.

I got to the top finally…and came upon a RV resort. I pulled in and asked about the price for cyclists. $10! There are showers. Laundry. A pool. And a HOT TUB!!!! It was only 2 in the afternoon, but my body was basically shutting down. It wanted to be warm. It wanted to be fed. And it wanted sleep.

So I listened to my body. Let’s just call it a day of dynamic planning!

One thought on “June 7. Listen to your body!”

  1. Tomorrow will be a better day! It sounds like you did the right thing for your body. Just keep spinning those wheels.


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