June 6

Bingo word: terrifying!

This is Vincent. We met the first evening of our respective journeys. We both started in Vancouver and ended up in the same campground. We decided to ride to Hope together on our second day. The weather was gross at first, but the sun finally did make its way out. The roads were mostly flat. And straight. The shoulders were nice and wide. And the wind was at our backs. All In all a good day for riding.

There were 5 climbs in all. The longest one was 2km…which maxed out at a 11% grade. That got the heart screaming.

This was me at the top:

What was terrifying was the decent! A 11% decent. What made it terrifying was the construction on the road. They are doing a shave-and-pave. They did the shave. But they hadn’t done the pave. Which meant there were nice long grooves on the road that ran parallel to my direction of travel. The grooves did a good job grabbing my front wheel. add to that, there were also nice patches of loose gravel that were impossible to miss. And throw in big transport trucks barreling down the hill. Was not a fan of that.

We got to Hope and found a nice little campsite right beside the Fraser river.

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