Adventure day 1

Bingo word: offered a ride.

I was in Vancouver for 5 days. The weather was absolutely gorgeous…sunny with temperatures in the mid-20s. No wind. Just amazing. Today…none of those things. The day started out well, but ended with me riding in 3 hours of rain. It was windy. And it was really chilly. But that did not dampen my spirits!

Getting out of Vancouver was way easier than I thought. A lot of curious people asked me where I was headed. Motorists were incredibly courteous…for the most part. Only 2 vehicles ran a red light. Both at the same intersection. A black Audi. And a black BMW. No surprises there.

I stopped at Coquitlam for lunch…I needed food in me before I attempted to navigate a ridiculously complicated interchange. Easy for cars. For bikes…not so much. An elderly avid cyclist chatted with me for a long time at Wendy’s…and even offered to put my bike on his bike rack and drive me through the interchange. I graciously declined. One of the bridges I crossed was bouncing from the big trucks driving across. Was not a fan of that!

I pulled into a campground just outside of Mission. It was still pouring rain. I guess a lot of cyclists stop here: I had a choice: either pitch my tent in the rain…or sleep in a huge recreation building in which there is a kitchenette, couches, a pool table, and a tv. I am sleeping on one of the couches tonight!

There’s another cyclist here. He’s a student from Montreal. He is insisting that I spell his name 20 100…his…uh…name is Vincent. I accept this pun! I was wondering why he has 20 100 written on his bike. He is an absolutely pleasant person to be around. We’ll ride to Hope tomorrow. At that point he’ll head north on the 5…and I’ll carry on east to the 97.

3 thoughts on “Adventure day 1”

  1. Hi Gregory. Met you today at Tim’s in Hope, BC. Your spirits are still high. Good luck with your uphill pull over the next few days. Will be following you over the next +70 days. Cheers Hilton (Toronto, ON)

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