Recognizing importance

Bingo word: Oceanview

I have a lot of good people in my life…people that are incredibly important to me. And sometimes it is easy to lose sight of that in the hustle and bustle of life.

After I finished with my conference related activities today I grabbed my front wheel and my mascot and met friends and colleagues at the conference’s social zone.

We shared some drinks and had some good laughs and then proceeded to head down to the beach. This involved walking down approximately 500 stairs.

At one point Tim grabbed a hold of my wheel. If he was a person of fewer scruples he could have made a lot of money by holding my wheel ransom. I would have paid dearly to get that wheel back!

I stood in the water of the Pacific and dipped my wheel. In 6700 km I will be standing in the Atlantic doing the same.

After unexpectedly running into some other friends on the beach…friends from a very different part of my life…it was time to head back up the stairs. So many stairs!

It was good to be surrounded in that moment by the people who are important to me. But alas…not everyone who is important to me was with me.

As we walked back onto UBC campus, I felt the pull of those not with me…and I wanted to make some space where we could be present to each other…even though apart. I said my farewells to the people with me and scampered back down to the beach. Even in those moments when separated by distance, it is possible to create meaning and connection.

It is easy to let oneself be pulled in many different ways by life. I have learned that it is so incredibly important in those moments to be intentional in being present to those who are important to me. And the more life pulls me in different directions…the more I need to step back and let those that mean the most to me know that I am grateful for them and that I am a better person for having them in my life.

This is my mascot Clearance (Pronounced kleh·ruhns). Clearance will be riding on my handlebars the whole way to Halifax. It will help me focus on what is important in life…of the people who are important in my life.

One thought on “Recognizing importance”

  1. Bon Voyage Greg! Was amazing to run into you. It felt like karmic energy but I am sure no serious philosopher would agree with me on that 😉


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