My route across Canada

British Columbia and Alberta

On June 5th I’m going to dip my wheels in the Pacific at the campus of UBC. Well, give-or-take…the water I will touch will be touching the Pacific. So according to the transitivity of touching, I’ll be touching the Pacific! That’s logic! I will then climb up onto my saddle and start pedalling east. I’m going to follow the #7 out of Vancouver and then the #3 until I hit the #97 north to the #1. I plan on spending a night at Canyon Hot Springs before climbing Roger’s Pass and then down into Golden for a day off. I’ll continue my way east, skirting north of Calgary. I don’t plan on spending too many days in Alberta. However, I will be staying overnight in the hometown of Nickelback. So there’s that.


Saskatchewan and Manitoba

Once I hit Saskatchewan, I’ll take the #44 into Eatonia and spend a day or two there with my old beekeeper boss (I worked for him throughout my 20s). From Eatonia I’ll head north to Kindersley and catch the #7 to Saskatoon. Not sure how I’m going to get into Saskatoon itself, since bicycles are prohibited on the #7 at some point just west of the city. I really don’t want to hit the gravel roads. So maybe I’ll just forget to look that the no-bikes sign and plead ignorance of the local area. Once the police drop me off in the city (I’m pretty confident a motorist will report me), I’ll take the #11 north to Rosthern, where I will spend a week with my mom. She’s in her 80s and still lives by herself. She’s such an incredible woman!

On July 2nd I will hop back up onto the saddle and take the #11 back into Saskatoon and then get on the #16 east and make my way to Yorkton. From Yorkton I’m going to head straight east into Manitoba. I’m really looking forward to this part of the trip. For four days google maps just says “Flat.” I’ll be really excited if a strong westerly wind is pushing at my back. I’ll avoid Winnipeg altogether and head down to the Ontario border.


Northern Ontario

I am not looking forward to northern Ontario. I’ve driven that route in a car a couple of times. Even in a car the trip is brutal! The climbs are going to be tough. A local bike shop owner–who did the journey a couple of years ago–told me that northern Ontario kicked his butt in a way that BC never did. So I will have to fortify my mental game for those many days of climbing. I suspect I’ll be doing a lot of stealth camping on Crown land (which is legal).


Ottawa and then into Quebec

I’ll take the #17 down to Ottawa for a day off. After repairs to my bike, I’ll head east through Quebec. I’m really excited about this part of the trip. From my research the bike trail system through Quebec is amazing. The campgrounds that I’ve contacted guarantee an overnight spot for cyclists, which is pretty fantastic! I’ve never been east of Montreal in Canada. So this is going to be a thing!


New Brunswick and Nova Scotia

I’ll skirt down the western side of New Brunswick. There are a lot of trails in New Brunswick as well. From my reading of the New Brunswick Motor Vehicle Act, I cannot be on the highway if there is an adjacent trail. So that should be fun trying to figure out where those trails are!

179(3) Wherever a usable path for bicycles has been provided adjacent to a roadway, bicycle riders shall use such path and shall not use the roadway. [link]

I’ll hit St. John and then ferry over to Nova Scotia. I’ll dilly-dally around the Bay of Fundy for a couple of days before heading south and then east into Halifax. At which point I will dip my tires in the Atlantic Ocean!!!!!!


If all goes to plan, the journey will take me 76 days. I will have travelled just under 6,700km. No flats, no splats!

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