Chomping at the bit

I just had the most amazing ride! The temperature was so-so. It was kinda windy. There was no sun. I didn’t go that far. I didn’t crush a personal best. I didn’t achieve any King of the Mountain. I was by myself. But damn it was an amazing ride!!!!! So what made it so? Well…I was on my fully loaded touring bike and was reminded how much fun it is to ride that thing!

The last day of my tour around southwestern Ontario last August left me with a sobering feeling. The headwinds were something else. The rain was horizontal and relentless. And there were so many rolling hills. Given that how an event ends provides a filter for how we interpret the whole event…I’ve been kinda of apprehensive of my upcoming tour. Today’s ride has put me in a much better headspace.

I have 25 days before my cross-Canada launch, and right now I am super excited about it.

Oh…and I have a mascot!

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