Question for the hive mind!

Okay…so I’m looking for songs to listen to on my cross-country tour. Here are the criteria: (1) The song references a province/specific Canadian location, (2) The artist is from the general location I’m travelling through. Since you don’t know my route…just throw all the songs at me, and I’ll choose which ones are most relevant to my route.

Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments below…or use this form from my Contact page.

Here’s what I have so far:

British Columbia






New Brunswick

Nova Scotia

About Canada


4 thoughts on “Question for the hive mind!”

  1. BC:
    English Bay by Blue Rodeo

    Alberta by Tommy Tokyo


    Out of the Rain by The Duhks

    Helpless by Neil Young
    American Draft Dodger in Thunder Bay by Sam Roberts
    Lakeside Park by Rush


    New Brunswick:
    Song of New Brunswick by Charlie MacKinnon

    Nova Scotia:
    Road to Guysborough by The Stanfields (also anything else by The Stanfields)
    Comin’ Home by City & Colour
    City of Lakes byMatt Mays

    Something to Sing About by Oscar Brand
    Fogarty’s Cove by Stan Rodgers (both the song and whole album)

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    1. Came here to recommend The Stanfields for Nova Scotia tunes, but see they have already been mentioned. 🙂 They do also have a song called Vermillion River for Alberta. Good luck on your bike trip!

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  2. Perhaps you’re not a fan or you’ve missed Stomping Tom. Three for Ontario. Tillsonberg, Big Joe Mufferah, and Sudbury Saturday Night. Also, Bare Naked Ladies Hello City for Halifax

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