95 days…but who’s counting?

cropped-screen-shot-2019-02-07-at-11.39.00-amIn 90 days (May 31) I get on a plane and fly my bike and all my gear to Vancouver. One of the things I will be doing in Vancouver is presenting a paper with a colleague at the Canadian Society for the Study of Practical Ethics. The paper is a justification for using game theory to teach business ethics. My colleague and I think game theory is an indispensable tool in teaching business ethics. But others disagree. I hope the paper generates a lot of fruitful discussion.

In 95 days (June 5) I get on my bike and start pedalling east. I’ve refined my gear for the trip; I’ve packed and unpacked my gear (ad nauseam) to make sure it all fits on my bike; I’ve researched the best tires for touring; I’ve obsessed over my route and have found target camping sites for the whole trip; I’ve also become obsessed with buying maps; I’ve made business cards to hand out to people curious as to what I’m doing (with the emoji above front and centre on the card); I’ve created a spreadsheet of everything; and I’ve downloaded a trucker app that provides information about every truck stop along my route!

Now I’m just waiting for winter to break so that I can get out on my bike and start putting on some miles before I head west. My taxi driver the other day said that winter will break in mid-march. I choose to believe this, on the assumption that taxi drivers are a wealth of information.

I’m at once terrified and excited.

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