Hills, Headwinds, and Rain

So it is done. Yesterday was an absolutely brutal and gruelling day. I learned some important lessons. One, if I’m going to be doing a lot of climbing, I can’t expect to go fast or far. And climb I did. One cruel, punishing roller after another. 133 km of cycling rollers is too much for one day. Two, rain will slow you down. And rain it did. For about 4 hours or so. Three, rain gear is worn, not to keep you dry, but to help you regulate your body temperature and to make you more visible. So what an end to a 14 day tour: punishing hills, relentless headwinds, and so much rain. But I prevailed.

I had such an incredible 14 days. I met a lot of amazing people, saw some beautiful landscapes, and learned a lot about myself. And apart from some equipment adjustments, I would not change a thing about the trip if I had to do it again. Talking of doing it again…I am fired up about next year’s journey across Canada.

I’ll post trip statistics later today. And then some final reflections on my trip.

The sun setting at my last campsite in Chesley

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