Food, drink, and stories

I wanted a quiet, uneventful day today. And that is what I got. Beautiful weather for it too. I rode into Tobermory mid morning, locked my bike in a conspicuous spot, and started browsing shops. I wasn’t looking to buy anything…I just wanted to see what the invisible hand had created.

I had a very nice lunch at a pub. I sat on the patio, overlooking Little Tub Harbour. The couple I was sitting beside didn’t seem talkative, so I just ate my yummy pasta in silence. They moved on, and as I was just about to leave myself, two guys sat down beside me. One of them asked me if the pasta was any good. I replied with a resounding, “yes,” but then quickly qualified my affirmation with a, “But I’ve been biking for many days, so anything tastes good right now.” Rob had done a 6 day tour from Toronto to Montreal earlier this summer. So that was that. We sat and ate and drank and talked for some time. Rob is a lawyer. His partner, Ryan, teaches grades 7 and 8. I quite enjoyed their company.

Rob is familiar with the area, and showed me where to go to get some good views of Tobermory Harbour. So I was off to do some touristy stuff for a bit. But the desire to nap came upon me, so I returned to my campsite for the rest of the day.

It’ll be interesting to see if the bear returns tonight. Hopefully my bear bag setup works.

Tomorrow is going to be a hard day. 124km to cycle with a lot of slow, long climbs. But models are predicting favourable winds. So I’ll have that going for me.

The Light at Big Tub Harbour

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