We’re here for a Long time

“Why am I doing this?” The question came out of nowhere as I pedalled north . I wasn’t climbing a hill. I wasn’t fighting a headwind. I was quite enjoying myself, in fact. But the question was asked, so it needed an answer. But I didn’t have an immediate answer. Two came, eventually: because I can, and because I want to. But both answers seemed weak. Ask me, “Why do you want to?” and I’d have no compelling reply. I’d try to say something like, “Because I thought of it, so now it must be done.” But that could be picked apart with ease.

As I continued to cycle, I thought of more reasons: because it will be fun, because I want to get in shape, because I want to have amazing experiences, because I want to see how hard I can push myself. But even as the list of reasons grew, the nagging voice of the skeptic picked apart each and every reason.

But that didn’t stop me from pedalling. I made my way north on the 21. The shoulders were narrow and the traffic was intense. And then I saw a fellow traveller heading south. His bike was loaded with panniers and he was towing a trailer. There was no safe place to stop, and traffic was unrelenting, so we waved at each other as we passed by…big grins on our faces. I don’t know who he is, or where his journey is taking him, but in that moment I had my answer: it’s the journey. Instead of doing what I’m doing, I could just go do six hours of spin class for 14 consecutive days. I guess that could be a journey in itself, but it’s not one that I have any interest in. It’d be much safer. But it would be far less rewarding.

So where has my journey taken me the past few days?

I met an OPP officer just south of Kincardine. We got to chatting at a gas station. He’s originally from KW, went to school at uWaterloo, does triathlons, and cycle tours. Oh….and his nephew teaches philosophy in a university down in the States.

Sunset over Lake Huron at Kincardine

I also met the Long family at a campground near Kincardine. They were my campsite neighbours. John and Paul (brothers), Jill (Paul’s partner), and Quinn (the 7 year old daughter of Paul and Jill). Amazing people. Generous people. They shared food and drink with me as we swapped stories.

I took a few wrong turns coming into Cape Croker. Went one way and got chased by 4 dogs. Realized I was going the wrong way, turned around…and got chased by the same 4 dogs again. Miserable creatures.

Oh. And this. This is the view from my campsite at Cape Croker. I wouldn’t get this kind of view in spin class.

Cape Croker Park

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