The currency of life

Neil is a beekeeper in Saskatchewan. I worked for him some 20 years ago, and now my son is working for him this summer. I drove my son out there this past May. While I was there, Neil and I had a good visit, reminiscing about my time there as his employee. As I was saying goodbye to Neil, he tapped on his watch and said, “Time is the currency of life….not money.”

That has stuck with me, and I was reflecting on it as I wheeled my way out of Windsor this morning. It was so good reconnecting with my friend, Dave. I had such a good time with him and his partner, Lynn. We enjoyed good food, good drink, and good conversation.

Today was amazing cycling. The day off yesterday did me wonders. My route took me along the shore of Lake St Clair and then the Thames river…all the way to Chatham.

Lake St Clair

I made excellent time on account of a really stiff tailwind. That, and my legs are getting huge. I stopped cycling mid afternoon and have just been lounging around my campsite thinking thoughts.

Models are predicting winds from the north tomorrow, so it’s going to be a 120km slog to the Pinery. Nevertheless I’m really enjoying touring on my bike.

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