Moseying in the Motor City

Yesterday’s trip from Rondeau Provincial Park to Windsor was completely uneventful. In a good way. I stayed mostly on backroads that ran parallel to the 401. There was a slight breeze, so I made really good time relative to the other days when I was fighting headwinds. I arrived in Windsor during rush hour and had to deal with some intense traffic. I finally got to my friend Dave’s place…thankfully in one piece.

Dave and I met as undergrads at uWaterloo…and later did grad work together at UWO. He’s now a library talking guy at the University of Windsor. We spent the evening eating, drinking, and catching up.

We started today by eating breakfast at a diner. After our feast, we made our way over to Detroit.

The Guardian in downtown Detroit
The ceiling of The Guardian

We walked around downtown for a bit and then jumped on the Q-Line and headed toward the Detroit Institute is Art. I think the artwork in the Diego Rivera court resonated the most with me. A volunteer gave us a very compelling interpretation of the artwork.

Feeding the machine of production

Oh capitalists…why so angry????

After a couple of hours, it was back to Canada. This evening will consist of more eating, more drinking, and more great conversation. I’m really excited about tomorrow’s ride. Models are predicting a wind from the west. I’ll be heading east.

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