You’ve been thunderstruck

I left Port Burwell around 8:45 this morning. It was hot, humid, and windy. The gusts were VERY gusty. I wasn’t making very good time, but I was enjoying the ride.

After a few hours, I was running low on water…and was getting rather concerned. I was coming into Fingal, and was counting on there being a convenience store there. My son and I used to go to Fingal a lot to go stargazing. There is an old WWII bomber training base there that is now a conservation area. The London amateur astronomers use the area for stargazing.

Anyways…there used to be a convenience store there. Now it’s a store that sells garden gnomes. If there’s no market for a convenience store, how is it possible that there’s a market for garden gnomes?! So I couldn’t get water. Luckily a couple was there looking at the gnomes, and gave me three bottles of water. So very kind.

As I wheeled west, storm clouds started rolling in. Fast. I made one last push to Wallacetown and decided to get off the road. There’s a lovely little cafe there. As I sat down to order pie, the lightning stared flashing, the thunder started crashing, and the heavens opened up and unleashed a deluge.

I checked the weather app and was dismayed at what I saw. Nothing but storm after storm moving across the region. After two pieces of pie I was still hungry. So I ordered a sandwich with mashed potatoes and gravy. As I sat there eating and contemplating my life choices, a couple approached my table and introduced themselves. They had overheard me talking with the locals and told me they had a big van and a utility trailer and were heading my way. They then offered me a ride.

I still had 3 hours to cycle, and there is no way I could have done it without hitting a thunderstorm. I can handle rain. I don’t want to mess with lightning. So I gratefully accepted their offer. We had a good conversation along the way. Both of them are avid cyclists, so we had a lot of stories to swap.

I set up camp…and then another thunderstorm rolled in. I went and sought shelter in the bathroom until it blew over.

Tomorrow I hit Windsor.

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