Wait…you’re from North Battleford???

Last night I stayed at Almost Home Bed and Breakfast in Simcoe. My hosts were Dave and Mary. They made me feel very welcome. I highly recommend this place.

After waking up, I made my way down to breakfast. I was the first guest down. Coffee was waiting for me. As I talked with Dave, I quickly learned that he used to own an apple orchard. I asked him which beekeeper he used to hire to pollinate his orchard. It turns out I worked for that beekeeper some 17 years ago—the one down in Niagara region. Small world.

Soon after, two other guests came down—a couple from Toronto. As we introduced ourselves and made small talk, it was revealed that he grew up in North Battleford, Saskatchewan. I grew up in Wilkie, just 30 miles south of North Battleford. He played many a hockey game in Wilkie. A really small world.

I left the B&B around 10:30. I only had 70km to ride today, so I took my time. I took the 24 south of Simcoe…which I quickly regretted. The pavement was broken and traffic was intense. So I found a side road that looked decent. The new route took me through Vittoria…a small village that used to be the capital of the London District of Upper Canada back in the early 1800s.

A lot of people honked at me and gave me the thumbs up. I’m not used to this…I’m more used to people honking at me and screaming profanities. You know…because I “don’t pay gas taxes.” Traffic today was very accommodating.

I pulled into Port Burwell Provincial Park around 3:30 or so. I had a quick snack and then set up camp. Once camp was set up I rode into town to buy food for dinner. I really wanted to enjoy some sangria…but every bar I went to looked at me like I was speaking in tongues when I asked for it. Oh well. Another day I guess.

Notice the food bag hanging in the tree. Pesky raccoons.

Tomorrow I’m off to Rondeau Provincial Park. It’s a longer ride, so I’ll need to start earlier than today.

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