Iron will, legs of jello

What a splendid day. Slow, but splendid.

I launched from the Kenyon’s around 9:30 this morning. My legs complained loudly at first, but it didn’t take long for them to bend to my wishes.

About 1.5 hours into my ride I came upon a huge group of cyclists in a parking lot. My first thought was that it was an aid station for a local cycling event. As I rode up, numerous cyclist waved me in. So I stopped. Turns out it was a group of 40 cyclists cycling coast to coast with Cycle America. They invited me to have lunch with them. So I ate some yummy food and had some really great conversations with people from all over the world. Amazing. Once the veteran cycling touring guy had checked out my rig—and gave me his approval—I was off.

I wheeled my way west, fighting a headwind the whole way. It kept me slow and parched. But once I accepted the fact that I wasn’t going to set any land speed records, I settled in and just enjoyed the scenery. I pedalled past another bee yard.

I started craving popsicles and a Pepsi at around 3:00. What the body wants, it gets. So I stopped at the next town at a Circle K. As I was standing outside eating my popsicles and drinking my Pepsi, an elderly gentleman rode up on a classic old bike. He came over to talk to me and to check out my gear. We had a great time chatting about pretty much everything. He wished me well, and I was off to cycle the last 16 km. The popsicles and Pepsi hit the spot, and the last hour flew by.

I’m staying at a cozy Bed and Breakfast in Simcoe. I ate a big dinner at a Chinese restaurant just across the street. And I brought some chicken wings back for a snack later. The fortune cookie has it spot on:

Tomorrow I’m off to Port Burwell Provincial Park.

Life is good.

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