First day’s ride.

I left KW around 7:30 this morning. I fought traffic for the first hour as I made my way south toward Cambridge. Cambridge was a lot easier to navigate than I had anticipated. As I was climbing a hill in the south part of the city, an oncoming vehicle started honking wildly. I looked over and the driver had their hand out the window giving me the thumbs up. Not what I was expecting…it made my morning.

As I made my way east from Hamilton, I passed a few bee yards…which brought back memories of when I spent my summers working for a beekeeper down in the Niagara region 17 years ago.

The last 18 km were a slog. But I made it, in part, because a fellow cyclist pulled up along side me and chatted with me as I made my way into Fonthill. It was a great conversation, ranging from bike thefts in the region to which universities our kids go to.

I’m spending the night with Tim Kenyon and family. Tim was one of my professors years back…and then a colleague for some time. Many beers and many laughs have been had. I am so grateful for their hospitality.

Tomorrow I’m off to Simcoe. I’m looking forward to a leisurely 90km ride.

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