Musings About Nutrition

So I’ve been trying to do some planning for nutrition on my trip. As in…how much food will I need to consume a day? Here are some rough calculations.

  • Let’s assume I average 6.5 hours in the saddle a day.
  • And let’s assume that I am able to maintain an average speed of 18 km/hr.
  • Given my age and weight, I’ll be burning around 5500 calories just on my bike for that duration at that speed.

Now…how can I possibly consume 5500 calories in a day?! IMG_0386Let’s try and put that into perspective. This can of Stagg Chili (Vegetable Garden) contains 361 calories. So, to make up a deficit of 5500 calories, I would need to eat over 15 cans of chili a day. Now clearly I’m not going to do that. That would be disgusting and unhealthy. Besides, I wouldn’t have enough room to cary 15 cans of chilli in my panniers.

My concern isn’t so much about how to carry that much food. My concern, rather, is with how to actually consume 5500 calories in a day. I’ll want a wide mix of different types of food. But I don’t think my stomach can actually hold as much food as I’ll need to maintain a healthy weight during my journey. Sure, I can stand to lose some weight…but that is a dangerous game to play during endurance activities.

So apart from just eating sticks of butter, I’ll need to do some serious thinking about nutrition on my trip. Which I begin in 4 days.

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