Two months carless. (Carless…not careless)

I sold my car just over 2 months ago. Previously I had had a car since I was 19. I’ve got to say…I don’t miss it at all. Here are some thoughts:
  1.  I have to be much more intentional in the planning of my week. Mostly this has to do with how, when, and where to buy groceries. But this is far from being a hardship…being intentional has helped me focus on what is important to me. Do I really need that 5 kg tub of Nutella from Costco? No. No I do not. I can be happy with what I can fit in my panniers.
  2. I really, really enjoy living life at 17.3 km/hr. Well, that’s the average Strava tells me I travel at. Yes, I live life much more slowly now…but so far I’ve have adapted to it quite nicely. I’m less stressed. I’m less frustrated. And I’m less frazzled.
  3. I am much more in tune with other drivers. My main form of transportation is my bike. So getting around the city means interacting with motor vehicles on narrow streets. I am so much more aware of what other drivers are doing than I ever was as a driver myself. I guess the life-or-death aspect of going up against 5 thousand pound vehicles has a way of focussing one’s attention.
  4. Most drivers are decent, careful folk. Yes there are the exceptions…the ones who are too busy texting to care about the red lights that they run…and yes there is the occasional asshole who screams profanities from their truck as they drive past me…but for the most part drivers in KW are respectful of my space.
  5. I don’t miss the expense of having a car.
  6. I feel great! The 30 minutes of cardio I get cycling to and from work on a daily basis has left me feeling great.

Maybe my tune will change come December and January…but so far I’ve enjoyed life without a car.

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