Elora Gorge

My trip to Elora Gorge Conservation Area was uneventful. My speed was unimpressive. But I think I can get faster the more I do this.

I’ve learned 2 things so far:

1. I have to pack my panniers differently. I made them all the same weight for the trip here. I think that was a mistake, as steering was an issue. So…bulky and lighter stuff in the front panniers. Heavier stuff in the back panniers.

2. The “take-me-to-…” function on my Wahoo ELEMNT is nice….but it takes you to your destination in the most direct route. Back roads, gravel roads, and it bypasses all towns. So I’m going to have to be more deliberate in planning my route…especially if I’m not going to carry food or lots of water with me.

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